Inspections & Expediting

Quality control on materials and equipment is essential for the success of any project. Our teams of inspectors and expediters check all phases from manufacturing to shipment of materials in order to ensure compliance with project technical specifications and delivery deadlines.

Our highly skilled, certified personnel perform visual inspections, NDT , final tests, mechanical completion and final tests.
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Our worldwide Qualified Inspectors and Expediters have many years’ experience with major OEMs in the Energy and Oil & Gas Markets and ensure full quality compliance in the case of:

• Materials, packaging and shipment
• Functional or static mechanical and instrumentation final tests
• Australian quarantine standards
• Preservation requirements
• Documentation review in accordance with project specifications:

In the case of welding book, QCP, NDT/PWHT procedures, the inspections can be performed directly at the customers’ or suppliers’ sites.

Final Mechanical and Electrical tests

We are able to perform:
• Visual inspections of welding in accordance with ASME and/or ASNT and/or ITN 07040
• Inspection of Pipework Mechanical Assembly (ASME B31.8)
• Material Management/Punch List
• Non Conformities Resolution (eNCR)
• Mechanical Completion Activities
• Reading, Interpretation and Verification of conformity to specs of WPS, PQR, WPQ, and NDT Acceptance Controls (RT, UT, LP, MT)
• IT Test Plan Fulfilment (IPD)
• Final Testing Certification

Mechanical Completion

We are able to:
• Prepare the MC dossier
Check fabrication, testing and installation on main skid equipment and items
• Complete check list items as per the MCCSs (mechanical completion check sheets)

Always in accordance with project requirements

Performed by certified personnel on

• NDT (VT, UT, MT, PT, RT) as per EN473 + ASNT TC 1A

Type of Inspection

• Workshop and Site Inspections
• Material and/or Equipment Testing
• Welding inspection (ASTM, EN, API, AWS)
• Coating and Painting inspections
• Equipment and components dimensional testing
• Pre-Shipment inspection • Mechanical Completion)
• Final mechanical and electrical tests

Always in accordance with project requirements

Field Expediting

• Surveillance visits by resident expediters assigned to critical suppliers to monitor WIP in procurement, manufacturing and delivery processes.
• Identifying any potential delays in supply.
• Check compliance of materials with specifications.

Desk Expediting

• Check non-critical or non-strategic supplies, identifying any areas that may need close follow up.

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