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Career: Field Expediting

Scope of  work is providing clients with a comprehensive review of the specification of their purchase order applied to on site activity in order to avoid any potential problem areas. Field expediting means the inspection and control of the supplier on site. Review of the current status of their orders and planned activitis. Expediter should  identify possible problems and bottlenecks that could lead to potential delays.

Required skills: Minimum 3 years of continuative experience in field expediting,technical background (construction drawings knowledge, GANTT knowledge, commodities and products of Oil and Gas experience, Chemical field knowledge), high management level, organizational skills, availability of travelling across USA and worldwide, availability to travel with short time notification (also during week end), great communication skills and capability to interface with completely different suppliers’ interfaces (engineering, sourcing, packaging and so on).
Country of origin: USA especially from Florida, Texas, Alabama, NY state, etc
Career: Field Service Engineer

Scope of  work is supervision of Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Heavy Duty/Aero-Derivative Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines for Power Generation or Oil & Gas applications.
Required skills: Understanding and ensure all in-field activities are carried out safely according EHS guidelines and procedures; Reviewing plant engineering documents,Resource planning direction on the field; management of all mechanical/ controls/ instrumentation center-line activities on site during all phases of both Turbine and auxiliary systems when required; Ensure the correct installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning and maintenance practices are followed; transmit technical expertise to customers, field technicians and operators; Punctuality and accuracy of internal and external reports; participate in meetings with Customers when required; Provide customers with technical direction and support on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) packaged products.

Country of origin: USA especially from Florida, Texas, Alabama, NY state, etc
Career: Quality Inspector


Quality Inspector is the figure in charge to maintain customer quality standards by approving incoming materials, in-process production, finished products, equipment assembling; assembling procedures and checking functional tests of equipment, recording quality results.
  • Approve incoming materials by confirming specifications, conducting visual and measurement tests, rejecting and returning unacceptable materials
  • Approve in-process production by confirming specifications, conducting visual and measurement tests, communicating required adjustments to production supervisor
  • Approve finished products by confirming specifications, conducting visual and measurement tests, returning products for re-work, confirming re-work
  • Approve equipment assembling and assembling procedures by conforming specifications and data sheets, conducting visual and measurement tests, suggesting to customer engineering how modify wrong and no-conformity issues, confirming re-work.
  • Documents inspection results by completing reports and logs, summarizing re-work and waste, inputting data into quality database
  • Keeps measurement equipment operating by following operating instructions, calling for repairs
  • Maintains safe and healthy work environment by following standards and procedures, complying with legal regulations.
  • Accomplishes quality and organization mission by completing related results as needed


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